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Even amid the coronavirus pandemic, so long as you wear a mask and practice social distancing guidelines, you can still enjoy the city. As a drug rehab center in Beantown, we are sharing a few of our favorite sober things to do in Boston. To start building a better relationship with ourselves, we can try to be more intentional about how and when we drink—or don’t. I know I am trying to after this hellscape of a year.

A Case Against Happy Hour

Stretching for 2.5 miles through downtown Boston, the Freedom Trail is a fun way to visit numerous attractions while receiving a history lesson at the same time. Put together a playlist, turn on a disco light, and grab your dancing shoes. When it’s safe for you to do so, go bowling. It’s a stimulating, challenging, and competitive way to spend a weekend night. You can even join a league for a social outlet.

Parks & Recreation

sober activities boston

Visitors can stroll through Widener Library and Memorial Church and admire the Victorian Gothic architecture of Memorial Hall. Look for jazz cafés, open mic nights, or community bands playing. Many cities and towns will have live music in public spaces, especially during the warmer months.

Play arcade games

Seeing a game at this historic ballpark is a rite of passage for people living in Boston. Tickets can be hard to come by for big games, but you can plan ahead by checking out the current Red Sox schedule. You can also experience the excitement of Fenway Park by booking a public sober house dorchester ma tour. One of the best sober things to do in Boston is to be a tourist in your hometown. The great thing about getting sober is that it is almost like you get to start over and you likely have a new perspective on life. Take this new view of things and go explore the city.

  • Skip the pricey movie theater bar, get yourself a slightly less pricey popcorn (and a free cup of water) instead, and sink into the seats at the iconic Coolidge Corner Theatre.
  • This may take some careful vetting to find one that works best for you.
  • Connect with other members and volunteers, join recovery groups, track your sobriety, and more.
  • It can be challenging to take in a new movie when you’ve got a buzz going.
  • Put together a playlist, turn on a disco light, and grab your dancing shoes.

Tickets for guided tours along the Freedom Trail are relatively inexpensive at under $20 for adults. Fans of Colonial American history will enjoy visiting the various sites frequented by the brave men and women who helped shape the U.S. and secure freedom and independence for its citizens. More than 10,000 years ago, the Mohawk Trail in northwestern Massachusetts got used as a trading and fishing route by Native Americans. Today, the trail is considered one of the most beautiful scenic drives in Massachusetts and features several points of interest, including roadside attractions and scenic views.

Helping You Live A Thriving, Exciting Sober Life

  • Look for jazz cafés, open mic nights, or community bands playing.
  • Each of the 11 buildings located in this park comes with a unique history and stories about the family members of five generations of the Adams family.
  • Silver Dove Afternoon Tea is giving approachable refinement, so you’ll feel right at home, even if it’s your first visit.
  • Try game nights, movie marathons, or outdoor adventures like hiking and picnics to have fun sober with friends.

Break out an old game, book, or activity you enjoyed as a child (Pokémon or mini-golf, anyone?). This does not have to be connected to a particular religious practice—quiet reflection and gratitude are universal. Learn more about creating a spiritual practice even if you aren’t religious. Versus will have its usual weekly events throughout January, including its Sunday Super Smash Bros. The offerings at this independent theater in Brookline always go beyond current movies.

Trying Dry January? 5 things to do in Boston that aren’t drinking.

  • Not only does Open Doors Yoga Studio offer hot yoga sessions, but there are also warm sessions too, for those looking to ease into the experience.
  • The warm atmosphere and outstanding staff provided a feeling of hope for the future.
  • The Honan-Allston Branch of the Boston Library hosts this DIY hot cocoa buffet with fixins ranging from classic cinnamon to edgier chili pepper flakes.
  • Follow the Freedom Trail for 2.5 miles and pass by several historic buildings along the way, or go off and explore one of Boston’s picturesque neighborhoods like Beacon Hill.
  • ICA Watershed is a big warehouse-turned-art gallery that features video installations, events, and other unique art exhibits.
  • As an added bonus to tasting these splendid apple ciders, you can also pick apples at these orchards.

Whether you’re a fan of art or looking to experience something new, you can check out the calendar to see what kind of exhibits are currently on display. There’s a reason why The Fix named Boston their number one city for sober living. Here are 10 sober activities in the Boston area you can consider experiencing while the weather’s warm.

  • Sci-Fi film buffs will find a slate of films of interest this month, like George Lucas’s directorial debut THX 1138, M3GAN, and Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, to name a few.
  • Eventually, puritanical attitudes influenced the advent of the Prohibition era.
  • As providers of outpatient addiction treatment in Boston, we know that the city has a lot to offer, you just need to be cautious.

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Early recovery can be a vulnerable time for relapse, so resist temptation and spend time with people who are going to support your recovery. Massachusetts offers many enjoyable, alcohol-free activities for you to partake in. From the serene beauty of its natural landscapes to vibrant cultural experiences and engaging social gatherings, the state has something for everyone seeking sober entertainment. As one of the most widely known and prestigious universities in the U.S. and the entire world, Harvard University in Cambridge is steeped in history. The school offers several tours and other fun activities for visitors. This private Ivy League institute was established in 1636 and spans 209 acres on its main campus.

sober activities boston